JellyCar (PSP/WII)

JellyCar is great 2d game with soft body physics created by Walaber

This is homebrew version that I made with permission from original author for PSP and Nintedo WII.

What you will find in game:

  • great simulation of soft body objects
  • 30 levels
  • map reverse – press X while playing
  • best jump record
  • car skins – dress car in some nice skin(skins can be easily add by user)
  • level editor
  • local multiplayer (Wii only)
  • no more flat 2D we are going in 2.5D

Screenshots – PSP

Screenshots – WII




Level editor

Story behind the port

At the beginning, game was made with C# and XNA for Windows.
I’ve rewritten physics engine in C++ and tested it with simple examples.
After that, based on existing game, I’ve implemented car mechanics. It was working quite fine on PSP.

Walaber was very nice and shared game code with me. From there, it was challange to make it all working on PSP but outcom is guite acceptable.

Here are screenshots and short clips from development.

Here are screens from never finished PS3 version based on Wii code.

Not so long after my homebrew, Disney released official version for PSP.